Ahmet An was born in 1950 in Nicosia. After he completed his elementary and secondary education in the same city, he went to Turkey for medical studies. He graduated from the Cerrahpasha Faculty of Medicine of the University of Istanbul in 1975. He made his specialization in Children's Diseases and received his diploma in 1981 from the University of Leipzig/Germany. Since 1982, he works as a paediatrician in his private practice in Nicosia.
Since 1971, he has been writing articles and studies on Cyprus problem and the history of the island in various newspapers and journals in Istanbul and Nicosia. He has already published the following books, in which he collected some of his previously published works about the history of the Turkish Cypriots in the political and cultural fields:

1. The Stormy Years in Cyprus (1942-1962)
Published by the T/C Publishing House Galeri Kültür, Nicosia 1996, 175 pages.
The main theme of the book is the organisation of the Turkish-Cypriot Leadership under the name "Institution of the Turkish Minority in Cyprus (KATAK)" and the struggle of the oppositonal working people to its policies in the fields of the trade unions and the press. Examples of the Turkish-Cypriot democrats, opposing the idea of partitioning Cyprus, information about the staging of the intercommunal conflict in Cyprus through the underground organisation "TMT" and its provocations, the attacks and the murder against the Cumhuriyet newspaper and its owners, which defended the Republic of Cyprus as a compromise formula are given for the first time to the reader with documents.

2. The Rebellions and the Struggle for Constitutional Representation in Cyprus (1571-1948)
Published by the Mez-Koop Bank, Nicosia, 1996, 124 pages.
It covers two studies that originate from the related extracts, translated from the 4th volume of "The History of Cyprus" by Sir George Hill. The first study gives information about more than 20 separate or common rebellions of the Greek-Cypriots and the Turkish-Cypriots, during the Ottoman Administration in Cyprus, because of the difficult economic conditions and heavy burden of taxes. In the second study, the problems of constitutional representation of the Greek-Cypriots and the Turkish-Cypriots during the British Administration and the reactions to the activities of uniting the island to Greece (enosis).
3. The Formation of the Turkish-Cypriot Leadership-The Process of Making a National Community out of a Religious Community (1900-1942), published by Galeri Kültür, Nicosia 1997, 286 pages.
The book examines the struggle of the Turkish-Cypriot community in the subjects of Religious Properties (Evkaf), Religious Leader (Müftü), Gymnasium (Lycee) etc. in a period from 1900 to 1942 with the documents from the Turkish-Cypriot Press, Legislative Assembly and the British Colonial Reports.
As the story of the development of to-day's chauvinist-nationalist ideology of the Cypriot Mohammedans are reflected with the documents, light has been shed on the historical roots of today's political division between the Greek-Cypriots and the Turkish-Cypriots

4. The List of Turkish Language Books Published in Cyprus (1878-1997)
A publication of the Ministry of National Education, Culture, Youth and Sport of the TRNC, No.41, Ankara 1997, 115 pages.
In this bibliographical study, the reader can find the list of all the books published in or outside Cyprus by the Turkish-Cypriots from 1878 to 1997. It is regarded as an essential book for those who study Turkish-Cypriots.

5. Notes on the Development of Cypriot Awareness, A publication of Galeri Kültür, Nicosia 1998, 151 pages.
In this study, information is given on the historical development of the idea of Cypriotism. Documents from the British Public Record Office, extracts from the Greek-Cypriot writers like N.C.Lanitis, Z.Stavrinides, M.Attalides, A.Markides and others are given.
As the Republic of Cyprus is being defended, the necessity of putting the Cypriot identity to the foreground, the nationalist faults of the two sides which make the solution of the ethnic-national question difficult, the evaluation of the aftermath of 1974 and some theoretical and practical explanations are being discussed.
The role of KKK/AKEL, the possibility of the formation of a Cypriot nation, the reaction of the Turkish-Cypriot Leadership to the idea of Cypriotism and Cypriot identity and the activities of the New Cyprus Association are the other subjects of the book.

6. Articles on Turkish Cypriot Culture, Kıvılcım Publications No.5, Nicosia 1999, 263 pages.
30 different articles of the writer are collected in this book. Here are some titles:
1. Origins of Cypriot Culture from Historical and Ethnological Point of View.
2. The Changes in the Ethnic and Cultural Structure of Cyprus after 1571.
3. Cyprus and Inter-cultural influences
4. The First Turkish-Cypriot Libraries
4. Evkaf Department and its Archives
5. Cyprus Turkish National Archives and Research Centre
6. Cyprus Turkish Ethnographical Museum
7. The Past of the Turkish Law Institutions in Cyprus
8. Examples from the Turkish-Cypriot Thought in the Journals of the 1940's
9. Studies on History in Cyprus
10. An Overview of the Studies on Turkish-Cypriot Identity
11. The Impass of the Traditional Turkish-Cypriot Intellectuals
12. The Identity of the Cypriot
13. An Overview of the Inter-Cypriot Cultural Contacts
14. The Solution of our Cultural Problems
and various book critics and some obituaries

7. Backstage of the Cyprus problem:The British bases and the American installations on the island, Gelenek Publishing House, Istanbul 2000, 92 pages
The following titles are given to the four articles in the book , giving information about the past and the present roles of the British military bases and the American installations in Cyprus:
1. The British bases must be abolished immediately from our island
2.  The island of Cyprus must stay non-aligned and it must be demilitarized
3. Cyprus is still being used as an unsinkable aircraft carrier
4. The espionage activities of the British and the Americans via Cyprus

8. The biographies of celebrated Turkish-Cypriot personalities, Volume:1 (1782-1899), Akcay Publishing House, Ankara 2002,  502 pages

9.   Quo Vadis Cyprus, Everest Publishing House, Istanbul, June 2002, 348 pages
27 research articles on various aspects of the Cyprus problem

His other studies, ready for publication:
* The biographies of celebrated Turkish-Cypriot personalities, Volume:2 (1900-1920)
* The forgotten political history of the Turkish Cypriots and the struggle of Dr.Kuchuk for the leadership (1930-1960)
* Views on the reasons of economic under-development of the Turkish Cypriots (1896-1962)